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Perfect for adult or casual learners, Julia designs and runs enjoyable art history and art appreciation face-to-face and online tutorial sessions. From one session to an extended study programme, the duration, direction and pace of each tutorial is tailored to suit you and your interests.


Face-to-face sessions operate primarily in the Cambridge and central London areas. However, as an experienced and enthusiastic distance learning practitioner, Julia offers the alternative of friendly online tuition. This is ideal for those who are further afield or looking for a more informal and convenient tuition option.


From the classical period to modern times, tutorials can cover a wide range of art works and periods. Each session is structured to give you a deeper understanding of the visual arts and of the wider cultural context in which they operate. Focusing on your chosen topic(s) and exploring key themes, Julia’s enthusiastic approach encourages you to discuss your ideas and ask questions. Develop a real appreciation of art and learn how to ‘read images’ in a fun, interesting, and informative way!


To arrange a private tutorial or for further information, please contact Renaissance Art History Cambridge.

“Your tutorials have been ‘spot on’ – guiding my thinking and adding to my learning.”

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